Idly pot

Chettinad style Idli pot stainless. Our daily need to start with...

Choose the best to start every day with a special pot idli/Steamed food breakfast. 

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What is special?

Good Quality (Salem) stainless steel, Induction safe, Rustproof, and Durability

Chettinad style Idli Pot/Idli Paanai/ Idli pot

Style: 12 Idli pot

Size: 12 idli, 2 plates

Vessel height 6" inches

Total height -9.5" inches

Total width -11" inches

Style: 5 Idli pot

Size: 1 plate of 5 idlies 

Height(vessel)-4.75 inches

Total height approximately-8" inches

Width-10" inches

 Return policy:

Exchange possible on opening video for damages in manufacturing only.