Our Policies and Terms of Service

Shipping Policy:

Please note that the courier of packages is handled by the third party service providers. Chettinad Snacks Online (CSO) will despatch the package within 1-2 working days from placement of orders and the package will be delivered as per the following time frame. If any delay is anticipated for the despatch of items, the despatch update will be communicated to the customer through WhatsApp/email/phone call.

  • Delivery to TN and Southern States will be 2 to 3 working days from the date of despatch.
  • Other outstation parcels will reach in 3 to 7 working days.

CSO will fulfill the order as soon as the shipping reference is provided by the courier agency and the same shall be communicated to customer email.

All possible efforts will be made to deliver on time through coordination with the courier agency.

Return Policy:

All ready to eat food items are freshly prepared after the receipt of orders. Cook and Eat or Fry and Eat type food items are fresh items with shelve life as notified in the respective product page.

CSO takes utmost care in sending the packages through the third party courier agencies.

If the customer finds the package damaged or opened at the time of delivery by the courier agency, please do not accept the package and return it immediately to the courier delivery person.

Some of the items like Thengulal Murukku, Kai Murukku, Seepu Seedai and Thattai are delicate in nature. CSO despatch these items properly packed and wrapped with bubble sheet.

CSO is not responsible for the broken/spoilage of items occurred as the result of improper handling of the package by the courier company.

Refund Policy:

Chettinad Snacks Online is not responsible for any delay in the delivery of items by the third party courier service and also broken/spoilage of items occurred as the result of improper handling of the package by the courier company for the normal or delayed delivery. No refund or exchange of items will be made for such instances that are beyond the direct control of Chettinad Snacks Online.

Customers are requested to provide correct name, delivery address and contact details. In case of an incomplete or incorrect address, CSO would consider the order delivered. There would be no refund for such orders.

CSO will not be responsible for any loss or damage/delay direct to the consignment or consequential, caused due to incorrect address, any disruption/delay or any other cause whatsoever beyond the control of CSO. No claim will be entertained by CSO in such events.

In case of any abnormalities observed on the status of products, customers are encouraged in sharing the photos/videos describing the conditions of products immediately after the receipt of items to decide on the problem nature. CSO will review the status with due diligence and make a decision on the refund of money for the corresponding item(s) or despatch again. The decision of CSO on refunds shall be their sole discretion and shall be final and binding.

Privacy Policy:

Chettinad Snacks Online follows the strict compliance of data privacy. It will not be shared with the outside parties under any circumstances.

Terms of Service

  1. Chettinad Snacks Online (CSO) follows the best practices in assuring the quality of the product(s) supplied by various manufacturers and on-time delivery of items to the customers. If the customers find any difference in the quality of products supplied to them, it shall be immediately brought to the notice of CSO for further coordination with the concerned manufacturer to improve the quality.
  2. CSO advises the manufacturers in resolving such issues to correct the errors and supply the quality products to the consumers.
  3. CSO has the right to stop the supply from the non-compliance manufacturers and source the alternate best choice from the quality manufacturers.
  4. CSO recommends the consumers in giving their feedback on services and products immediately after the receipt of items to enhance the related products and services.