Our Policies and Terms of Service

Refund Policy

Chettinad Snacks Online is not responsible for any delay in the delivery of items by the third party courier service and also broken/spoilage of items occurred as the result of improper handling of the package by the courier company for the normal or delayed delivery. No refund or exchange of items will be made for such instances that are beyond the direct control of Chettinad Snacks Online.

Privacy Policy
Chettinad Snacks Online follows the strict compliance of data privacy. It will not be shared with the outside parties under any circumstances.

Terms of Service

Chettinad Snacks Online (CSO) follows the best practices in assuring the quality of the product(s) supplied by various manufacturers and on-time delivery of items to the customers. If the customers find any difference in the quality of products supplied to them, it will be immediately brought to the notice of the concerned manufacturer.
CSO advises the manufacturers in resolving such issues to correct the errors and supply the quality products to the consumers.
CSO has the right to stop the supply from the non-compliance manufacturers and source the alternate best choice from the quality manufacturers.
CSO recommends the consumers in giving their feedback on services and products immediately after the receipt of items to enhance the related products and services.