International Women's Day Special

 International Women's Day Cookery Contest Winners 2023 




 International Women's Day 2022 Special CSO Event

Conducted by Chettinad Snacks Online (CSO)

Women Set Trends for Tradition and Equal World

Steps for the submission of entries (Language: Tamil or English)

Food Plating Skills:
Cook a mouth-watering dish using ingredients of your choice or products purchased through Chettinad Snacks Online and plate it.

Write the recipe, list out ingredients and plating instructions.

Take memorable video of your plating skills

Steps for submission

Post the video on your Facebook profile/page or Instagram or Twitter.
Include (copy and paste) #CSOevent #Chettinadsnacksonline #cookingskills #platingskills #foodplating #Internationalwomensday #Chettinadcooking #Cookerycontest in your posting. After your posting, plese inform your submission to WhatsApp +91 9790256461 mentioning the subject "International Women's Day Special CSO Event"

Submission through WhatsApp:
Submit your entry to WhatsApp +91 9790256461 with your details

Submission through Facebook Posting:
Tag your posting with CSO pages and group on Facebook
@Chettinad Snacks Online (
@Chettinad Cookbook (
@Chettinad Cookbook (

Submission through Instagram:
Link your posting with @Chettinadsnacks (

Submission through Twitter
Tweet your post with @Chettinadsnacks (

What CSO provides
Entries are accepted until 07 March 2022.
CSO forms a panel of judges.
Rank the top 3 postings eligible for cash prize (in INR) based on the number of likes/comments analysed through CSO algorithm for scoring pattern.
If a participant submits entries more than one, winning eligibility will be decided on the basis of only one winning spot per participant.
If a participant submits the copied content from other postings, CSO has the right to eliminate such entries.
Results will be announced on 8th March 2022.
Cash prize will be provided through Digital Payment channels.
All participants will be provided with Discount Coupon Code for buying heritage specialties through our website
All the entries will be broadcast through CSO channels.


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