International Women's Day Special

International Women’s Day Special - Cookery Contest

Conducted by Chettinad Snacks Online CSO

Women Set Trends for Tradition and Equal World

Steps for the submission of entries

CSO Special:

  1. Cook a mouth-watering dish using products purchased through Chettinad Snacks Online and/or recipes given in website
  2. Write the recipe or provide the link for recipe from and list out ingredients


  1. Cook a mouth-watering dish.
  2. Write the recipe and list out ingredients (if specially prepared traditional items, please mention).

Take memorable photos/video of your cooking time and dishes

Kids Corner:

Drawing Topics: Healthy Cooking/Cooking Assistance/Cooking Safety
Take memorable photos of your drawing, Parents can submit the entries mentioning the participant's name and age/standard.

Steps for submission (for all categories)

Submit your entry to WhatsApp +91 9790256461 with your details
Post the picture/video on your Facebook profile/page or Instagram or Twitter.
Include (copy and paste) #CSOevent #Chettinadsnacksonline #cookingskills #Internationalwomensday #Chettinadcooking #Cookerycontest in your posting.

Tag your posting with CSO pages and group on Facebook
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What CSO provides

  • CSO forms a panel of judges.
  • Rank the top 3 postings collectively in CSO Special and General category eligible for cash prize based on the number of likes/comments included in CSO scoring pattern.
  • Participants in CSO special category will receive the gift snack box.
  • Top 3 winning entries in Kids Corner are eligible for gift snack box. First winner will receive cash prize.
  • If a participant submits entries more than one, winning eligibility will be decided on the basis of only one winning spot per participant . 
  • Results will be announced on 8th March 2021.
  • Cash prize will be provided through Digital Payment channels.
  • All participants will be provided with Discount Coupon Code for buying heritage specialties through our website
  • All the entries will be broadcast through CSO channels.