Pillayar Nombu complete pack

Nagarathar special traditional function of Pillayar Nombu is celebrated on the 21st day from the Karthiga Deepam festival. Karuppatti mavu plays the main role here to make ellai (Deepam), Alangai Athikkai (seedai) and Karuppatti Paniyaram. Some have the practice of taking ellai with Therattupaal. Chettinad Snacks Online provides these items completely as a pack or according to the customers' choice for the selection of products. CSO brings these products to your doorstep for heritage feeling at your home and follows our cultural values with the traditional products supplied from its origin.
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Items in the pack.
1. Kola mavu
2.Thumbu Thread
3. Ella Nool
4. Pori 5 types
5. Karuppatti mavu 1/2 kg
6. Sweet seedai 1/4 kg
All in Thattu koodai or lunch koodai as a complete pack

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