Kathiri vathal

We get plenty of seasonal vegetables like mango, brinjal, flat beans and cluster beans in the market during the month of May and June, the hot season favourable for Vitamin D enrichment. This climate is favourable for drying the seasonal vegetables to make it as vathals. Normally the price of these vegetables increases during the off-season. Achis of Chettinad region has the strategic vision of processing the seasonal vegetables at the right time to make vathals and use it throughout the year. 

In chettinad, these vathals are used to make the unique taste of various dishes. Mango vathal is used in Sambar, Thanni kuzhambu, Mor kuzhambu, Rasam (Mangottai), Vathal kuzhambu, vathal mandi etc. Vathal made using proper procedure during the summer season can be stored for long-term use to enjoy the unique taste throughout the year.

Avarai Vathal (Flat beans)
Kothavarai Vathai (cluster beans)
MaVathal (Mango)