Avarai Vathal/ sundried flat beans

Time to enjoy sundried vegetables, varieties of recipes can be made with these sundried vegetables.Vathal Sambar, Thanni Kuzhambu, Vathal Mandi, Araichuvitta Kara Kuzhambu and many more........ get delighted with the unique recipe of sundried vegetable. Seasonal vegetables can be enjoyed fresh from the market and also made into vathal varieties to use it a year long.
Avarai Vathal (Flat beans)
Kothavarai Vathai (cluster beans)
MaVathal (Mango)

Collection of Chettinad famous sun-dried seasonal vegetables. Perfectly dried to store for 6 months. One kilo of fresh vegetables finally we get 100 grams of Vathal at the completely dried stage. 1 Padi measurement is 125 gms approximately