Vegetable Vadagam

Vegetable Vadagam is a colorful and healthy condiment to serve with your main meal. Makes you feel proud of serving this crispy, healthy condiment with your everyday meal.

About this Vadagam:

Purely homemade, with healthy fresh vegetable extract is used to make a natural color treat. No, artificial colors or preservatives are used. Vegetables added are not specifically identified to deny this crispy bite of Vadagam.

What is special in this Vadagam?
Rice vadagam is normally we get everywhere and in common usage. Fried items are largely liked by children, interestingly here we add vegetable extracts like, carrots, Tomato, Beetroot, and curry leaves are used to make them very special in natural color and taste. Click the link provided to buy and enjoy this summer.
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Carrot Vadagam-100gms

Beetroot Vadagam- 100gms

Curry leaves Vadagam- 100gms

Tomato Vadagam- 100gms


Preparation Method:

Heat oil in a deep pan, add two or more in a hot oil and fry as we do for papad.


Keep it in a clean container. Dry under sunlight once in two months to extend its shelf life.

Stays fresh for 3 to 6 months on proper care of storage.

Ingredients: Rice, Vegetable extract, salt, and cumin seeds.


Taste: Mild salt

Color: Vegetable extract color

Allergy Warning: None

Nature of the Food: Crunchy side dish

Lifetime: 180 days

Usage:  Vadagam Oil Fry or Consume directly for your meal.

Best Suited for a Side dish for Hot rice with Ghee, Sambar Rasam, and fried Rice varieties, Puli Kuzhambu

“No Gluten, No Artificial flavors or colorings, No Additives or Preservatives”