Ragi Thattai / கேழ்வரகு/ராகி தட்டை

Savouries other than Chettinad Specialties


கேழ்வரகு/ராகி  தட்டை உடன் சூடா ஒரு கப் தேநீர்/ சூப் மாலை பொழுதை சிறப்பாகும்

  • Ragi Thattai is made with fresh and pure ingredients, which gives it a whole new flavor of Ragi Millet and makes you crave for it.
  • It is made hygienically with Ragi flour, main of Rice flour, Roasted gram dhal flour, Bengal gram dhal, Butter, Black sesame seeds, Jeera, and Asafoetida Salt, and is deep-fried to get the perfect taste.
  • There are no chemicals and machines used during the process of this crispy Thattai, and it is entirely handmade with care.
  • Ragi Thattai is a great combination to serve with a cup of hot Tea or Coffee and goes excellent with your meal as well to make it more delicious every day.
  • கேழ்விரகு தட்டை முறுக்கு