Mango vathal

Time to exploit the hot summer, sun-dried vegetables and vathal are popular in Chettinad, torrid climate of this region helps in a great deal for drying. Seasonal vegetables are processed and dried in the sunlight and stored for approximately a year of usage. Vegetables like brinjal, cluster beans, flat beans, mango, and even meat (uppukandam), Vathal like Kuzhu vathal, Killu vathal, Kanji vathal, Vengaya vadagam, Mithukka vathal, Mor milagai etc…is dried according to the perfect procedure without any great loss of its taste. What is special about sundried vegetables?
During the drying process under direct sunlight Vitamin D' is absorbed by the vegetables.
  1. Vegetables without any high loss of its nutrients.
  2. The natural process of seasonal vegetables to use year long without any demand.
  3. Special varieties of recipes can be introduced.

Mango vathal is made out of half ripen mango, it has the taste of sweet and sour to make sambar or vathal mandi.