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Salted boneless Goat meat pieces dried under direct sunlight. These meat pieces are cautiously dried to use for up to 6 months. This can be merely shallow fried, fried, and pound to sprinkle on the omelette. Soak overnight pressure cook to make gravy. Get detailed  recipes  from our blog www.chettinadcookbook.org

How to cook? Uppukandam Recipe link below:


Uppukandam Salted:

Goat meat is boneless marinated with salt and dried.

Uppukandam Spiced:

Small cut boneless meat marinated with Salt, Turmeric powder, pepper, and chili powder. Dried under sunlight

Shelf-Life-3 months

1 kilo of boneless Goat meat we get 200 gms of Uppukandam once completely dried. Water content 75 to 80%

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