Thamboolam Pack

Thamboolam Pack for this Auspicious Aadi Month. Wherever you are, you can easily share& celebrate the auspicious day through our online service choose to whom you wish to provide Thamboolam with Chettinad specialities packed in an attractive Jute lunch bag / Handmade Palm basket.

Great opportunity for you to share your spiritual exchange filled with traditional specialities, stay blessed.

Content in a pack:

1. Thamboolam set ( Manjal,{Turmeric powder) Kumkum, Beetle nut, Mangalyam Thread+ Artificial flower and Beetle leaf)

2. Jute lunch bag/Palm Basket
3. Chettinad Adhirasam -2
4, Chettinad Kai Murukku -2
5, Chettinad Thengulal -2 or Seedai
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