Adhirasam ready mix/அதிரசம் மாவு

Ready mix to Make Adhirasam where can I get?
சும்மா தட்டி எண்ணெயில் போட்டு எடுத்தால் போதும், சுவையான அதிரசம் ரெடி. Just, make patties and deep fry in oil enjoy the traditional taste.

Ingredients /Method :

Pound raw rice cooked in a one-string jaggery syrup to make patties and deep-fried in oil. Used to prepare Adhirasam and Sweet Seedai ready mix to make our traditional taste in your kitchen this can be stored in the refrigerator for a month's time.

அதிரசம் மாவு:
அதிரசம் மாவு இருப்பின் நினைத்த நேரத்தில் சூடான அதிரசம், இனிப்பு சீடை செய்து அசத்தலாம். முக்கிய பொருட்கள் அரிசி சுத்தமனான வெள்ளம். பக்குவமாய் இடித்து, பாகில் வேகவைத்தது.

Customer Reviews

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Venkatesh Rajendran
Wow! Tasty

it was so nice and tasty, we all enjoyed it

Ramadevi Ravishankar
Very nice and tasty

Kids loved it. They enjoyed the tasty adhirasam. It is easy to make and tasty.

Thanks a lot for your review and encouraging the kids to have traditional specialties.

Very tasty & Good packing

The packaging was very neat.They had packed the batter in two layers.I made a bulk order ,All of their items were packed in two layers. The taste and crispiness you get when eat them hot was excellent.Kids loved it.Deserves a 5 star.