Chettinad Tamarind

Chettinad Tamarind,

What is special about Chettinad Tamarind?

During the season (Feb-May) Tamarind is sourced from nearby villages in the Chettinad region. This is totally different from store-bought tamarind.

Handpicked to dry, deshelled, and deseeded manually for ready consumption. It will be succulent, sour, and sweet by its nature. Dispatch will be made within 3 days from the date of confirmation.

Its tough ligneous fibres help to extract the pulp easily, such that it is cleaned carefully for extended shelflife for year-long uses. This makes hand-processed Chettinad Tamarind, an excellent companion to enhance the taste of your cooking.      

Chettinad Tamarind carefully hand-picked and dried, fresh pulp, deseeded and deshelled removed the thick fibrous roots to store for year-long usage.
We assure that quality, customer satisfaction is our priority.

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