Pepper Thattai/மிளகு தட்டை

Savouries other than Chettinad Specialties


சுள்ளுன்னு மிளகு தட்டை உடன் சூடா ஒரு கப் தேநீர்  மாலை பொழுதை சிறப்பாகும் 

Thattai with spiced with Garlic, Pepper 

This Pepper Thattai is made with fresh and pure ingredients, which gives it a whole new flavor and makes you crave it.

Especially gives us spicy and crispy with  Peppery taste.

We use Refined oil with good quality

It is made hygienically with Rice flour, Pepper, Roasted gram dhal flour, Bengal gram dhal Butter, Black sesame seeds, Jeera, Asafoetida Salt, and Water, and are deep-fried to get the perfect taste.

There are no chemicals and machines used during the making of this crispy thattai, and it is entirely handmade with care.

Pepper Thattai is great with a cup of hot Tea, Coffee, or soup and goes excellent with your meal as well to make it more delicious every day.