Millet pack all in one

FREE SHIPPING!!! Healthy millet pack of 5, 

5 Varieties of millet Laddu packs,  6 pieces of Laddu in every pack- 5 packs as a combo (30 pieces total).  Enjoy the real taste of Millets in the traditional method of preparation. Easy and delicious to consume on a regular basis.

Package: Material-Paper, Eggshell box to hold the laddus individually to avoid breakages on transit. This helps to retain freshness for months.

Foxtail Millet Laddu/pack of 6 pieces

Multi Millet Laddu /pack of 6 pieces

Pearl Millet Laddu/pack of 6 pieces

Sorghum Millet  Laddu/pack of 6 pieces

Corn Laddu/pack of 6 pieces